Telephone / Software Support Contract

Providing you with support so that your business has no limitations.


Our budget  friendly support contract offers you with professional support provided both over the phone and online. Whether you're having issues with your terminal and we need to remotely log into your terminal to resolve the issue, or if you've got questions about your system or changes you want made over the phone, this support contract has got you covered.

£22 per month (excl. VAT) - that works out as just 75p per day making it very budget friendly.

This contract will include the following:

  • Entitles you and anyone within your establishment to call us for help and assistance* with any problems you might have with your epos system, including any back office solutions; no matter how big or small they may be.

*Telephone / Software Support Contract covers calls and online assistance only and does not cover call outs if you have any breakdowns.


To apply online today for a Telephone / Software Support Contract, please use the online form below, filling out all required fields.

Alternatively you can contact us to discuss this option with you for further information.

    Online Telephone/Software Support Contract Form

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    This contract covers the following:

    1 - Unlimited Telephone/Software Support

    2 - Online (remote) Support up to 1 hour per call