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Customer Service

Our more comprehensive support contract offers you a complete piece of mind, providing you with the benefits of our budget support package however bringing you even greater financial benefits. Providing you with support so that your business has no limitations.

We are still and will always be committed to providing support to all our customers, regardless of whether you are in a support contract or not. You are therefore under no obligation to take out a support contract - should you decide not to do so, you can still contact us whenever you need support and we'll be happy to help, however a charge will be incurred for our time and services.

Service & Support

Former Abacus EPOS customers with Support Contracts will already have arrangements in place, subject to their respective Service Level Agreements and EPOS system type, primarily through local strategic partnerships. If you do not have a Support Contract or have taken over a business, please get in touch. For General Support issues call 01273 705050. Please note, some of these services may fall outside of agreed SLAs, local distance or Warranty expiry and therefore are chargeable.

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